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Dutch Mountain Tribe

Dutch Mountain Tribe
ZenneZ Records

Keep an Eye The Records –

Winner 2023
We were very impressed by the authenticity and persuasiveness of this band. The music was full of energy and excitement and we can't wait to hear what the record will sound like!

Koen Boeijinga

Woodwind player, composer and improviser Koen Boeijinga presents his brand-new project Dutch Mountain Tribe. This seven-person collective, with diverse backgrounds,create idiosyncratic melodies, enchanting rhythms and fiery improvisations. With an arsenal of special instruments, such as flutes and bagpipes, they take you on a trail through the unique landscape of the Dutch mountains.


Koen Boeijinga: alto-/soprano saxophone, winds
Giuseppe Doronzo: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, winds
Lucas Kloosterboer: trombone, percussion, guitar
Mees Siderius: drums, percussion
Esat Ekincioglu: double bass
Pau Sola Masafrets: cello
Mary Oliver: viola, hardanger fiddle


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