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Winners Keep an Eye The Records 2023!

The winners of the 9th edition of The Records were announced on Thursday evening 26 January in a exhilarting Bimhuis.

From 95 applications from the various Dutch Conservatories, 7 finalists were chosen who played in the Bimhuis on Thursday January 26 for the final jury consisting of Glenn Gaddum, Michael Moore, Suzan Veneman, Mirjam Visser and Brent Oostrum.

And the winners are…

Koen Boeijinga’s MOA

Koen Boeijinga (saxophones, wind instruments), Elsa van der Linden (tenor saxophone), Lucas Kloosterboer (trombone), Max Boeijinga (electric guitar), Pau Sola Masafrets (cello), Nora Mulder (piano), Esat Ekincioglu (double bass), Mees Siderius (drums, percussion)

Saxophonist and composer Koen Boeijinga presents MOA: an eight-person tribe with a shared love for innovation and freedom. An eclectic and compelling performance through strong emotions brought to life by a full force of musicians, instruments and sounds.

Ronny deCarlo

Roenik Roa Espinosa (guitar), Micah Graves (keys), Misha Voeykov (bass), Max Sergeant (drums).

Ronny deCarlo is the project of Colombian/Dutch guitarist Roenik Roa Espinosa. His idiosyncratic instrumental compositions are a lush patchwork of Fusion, Gospel and Latin, with influences from film and video game music and a lead role for guitar. In Ronny’s sound world, boundaries of genres are broken down and tight arrangements and catchy grooves exist alongside interactive moments and cinematic melodies.

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